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Investing in real estate might seem hard and you may think it requires a lot to get started. That’s why we created the IncomeOwner™ Club, a real estate education club focused on workshops to help you learn the fundamentals to analyze, acquire, own, operate and understand income producing properties. Get started today building your real estate portfolio.

Choose from several investment approaches and choose the option that aligns best with you, like turnkey rental properties, short term rental vacation homes, or traditional single family or multi family housing. We’ll help you along the way with practical tips and videos so you can learn all about investing in real estate and owning multiple streams of income.

No matter your goals—an early retirement, supplemental cashflow to support the family, or your kids’ education—Income Owner™ is here to help you reach them.

Easy to invest

You don’t need any educational background or experience or a lot of money to get started. Nearly everyone already spends money on real estate every day--from paying for housing, to paying for parking, to paying for self-storage. Why not start with what you know about the real estate in your day to day life and move your involvement from the expenses side to the income side of the transaction?

Diverse portfolios

Invest in the type of real estate you are familiar with (housing) or build a diversified portfolio by learning about other asset classes, and discover new investment opportunities every day.

Mitigate your risks

Real estate investing in inherently risky. Success in real estate investing comes largely from your ability to mitigate your exposure to risk through in depth knowledge, understanding, and transfer of risk to others (ie, property and hazard insurance).

Personal guidance

Get useful advice about real estate investments from our experts, specifically made for you. We guide you step by step so you can know how to reach your real estate investment goals.


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in·come own·er /ˈinˌkəm ˈōnər/

a person who holds as property that which results in a gain or recurrent benefit, usually measured in money. synonym: REAL ESTATE INVESTOR, RENTAL PROPERTY OWNER